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Monday, July 7, 2008

Optometry's Appointment

I got up very early this morning to do my hopping morning rounds while waiting for my husband to get up. So, I was not home this morning because I had an optometry appointment for my eyes and when arrived there I was waiting for almost 15 minutes before they took me in for the eye exam and the corpsman brought me to the optometrist for another exam and I was waiting there again for more than twenty minutes then she examined my eye again. She then told me that she will put something on my eyes for dilation, she explained it to me but I did not understand everything.. hehehe when it come to medical, I'm kind a slow learner. Thank God my husband was there outside the doctor's office waiting for me. So, I was not really fully convinced what the doctor explained to me about the dilation so I asked my husband about it. Luckily my husband has a lot of knowledge when it come to medicine and all kinds of stuff. So I was kind of relieved. I got my prescription almost the same as before but need to have a new glasses.

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