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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Parabens and Aluminium causing Breast Cancer

I was not fully aware about health care until I married my husband. He is not a doctors but have a lot of knowledge when it comes to medicines and diseases. I have a many kinds of deodorant and antiperspirant in my closet until one day, he told me to be aware of the content of the deodorant that I am using and be knowledgeable about it. I was confused and curious about what he said. He was told me not to use antiperspirant because it has a special ingredients of Parabens and aluminium causing breast cancer. Studies in recent years have highlighted a possible link between the aluminium and parabens used in antiperspirants and deodorants and breast cancer in women. Some scientists believe this link is significant enough to warrant further research, others completely dismiss it. These two chemicals are very dangerous in our health, it believes that they can pass through the skin to your breast tissue once you will apply the deodorant or antiperspirant especially if you have open pores in your armpit cause by shaving.

So if you are interested to learn more about this precaution, I would encourage you to visit their website and Join the Breast Cancer Link Debate. Share you opinion so that others could learn too.

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1 comment:

eNNy said...

is it?
no wonder i've found a lump in my breast.
i did not aware of the content.
anyway, i'm going for a surgery.