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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Just Done Cleaning my House

I like cleaning my house during night time because all my kids and hubby are asleep already. No one is making a mess hehehe especially my children. So I have to do it in the evening, I just finished cleaning my house, my kitchen, my stove, mopping the floor tiles and folding some clothes from the dryer. I didn't noticed again that it is already past midnight when I'm done cleaning everything. Wow time is so fast! At least I've done something, for me it's a big accomplishment, my husband will wake up in the morning see that everything is cleaned and well organized. When I was sitting infront of my computer, I tried to refresh my triple P opportunities and I saw a lot of opportunities that my new domain is qualified. I was kind of scared getting one of them since I've already made 3 opps and one of their requirements is only 3 opps per day in one domain so part of me is hesitate to get even one opp for my new domain thinking maybe they will accept it because it's already July 9th here... Well, there's nothing to try, I guess before I will go to bed I have to get one. Just try and I will let you know tomorrow if they will accept it. OK folks see you in the morning. Sleep tight and have a blessed evening to all of you out there.


precious gift said...

we have the same thought about cleaning house at night when the kids and hubby are asleep... love to see the house clean for a while before the kids wake up and make mess... hahaha

Colored Heart said...

Good night to you, too! Have a blessed time of cleaning as well. Remember, God is happy to see clean floors!
"Whether we eat or drink or whatsoever we do, do it all for God's glory."

Redha Herdianto said...

well i think cleaning your house has a two benefit.

first, your house will shining like a palace

second, make your body healthy.

Manic Mom said...

Just passing through, love your blog. I've seen you over at Spark & wanted to say hey. Beautiful family!

Me, the islands and the world said...

wow! ang sipag mo naman! don't forget to take care of your health. God bless.