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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bills, Bills, Bills!

We all know that bills are a fact of life. Survival alone requires us to pay bills such as electricity, gas, water and sewer. Then on top of that are the ones that better your quality of life such as internet, phone, cable or satellite TV. Even the place you live requires some form of payment like a mortgage or rent (unless you are extremely rich). Today is the 15th, one of two days we use to pay our bills, the day I have to pay one of our worst bills. My husband and I decided to purchase a home out where his parents live. At the time we thought it would be a good investment because he was planning on getting out of the Navy and we were going to move closer to them so they could play with their grandchildren. Times change and my husband decided to stay with the Navy so we were stuck with a mortgage payment and a rent payment where we are currently living. We were lucky to be able to rent out our home to help with the payment but it was not enough to cover the entire mortgage. Now we are in a position where it is becoming difficult to pay for the house. There are several ways to manage your bills, especially when it comes to that one day of the month where you have to sit down and pay for them all. Budgets work, but can be very time consuming and stressful. Take the hassle out of paying bills and let someone do it for you. was set up just for that! With years of experience working with companies and debtors, they can manage all your bills for you and provide you with excellent advice for bettering your financial situation. Registration is easy and their BillsIQ quiz will empower you to improve you financial health and give you the tools to earn a more appealing credit score. They specialize in Credit counseling, Credit card debt, Bankruptcy, Consolidate debt, and Debt consolidation teaching you to help take control of your life, do it now.

Bills IQ will help you with your financial problem. So if you are not financially fit why not seek Debt help from Bills IQ so that you can have a Debt relief. Isn't it a great news!

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Anonymous said...

I hate paying bills because I don't know what to start with. Nevertheless, I am glad that it has become easy to pay bills quickly.

Katelove's said...

Sis, this video give me a lot of idea, and thanks for this post. I hate paying bills and i'm glad that their's easy ways now to pay our bills quickly. Thanks for the information.

Bryan J said...

When you make a video open up two split screens,one for Utube and the other for what you want to say(MS Work document). That way when you are making your video you will have more eye contact with your audience and you won't have to look at the paper. Doing it this way forces you to look at the screen where your camera is. I hope this helps you.

Blue Ginger said...

wow ate joy! artistahin! =)

Thanks for sharing! :)

Cecile n' Matt said...

you are not only smart, but really have guts to face the camera and say something in front of the viewers, i wished can do that, thanks for the tips, i myself pays our bills and boy! it isn't that easy!