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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hubby is my Rescuer

This afternoon when I talked to my husband over the telephone, we both agreed to have dinner at the restaurant after his work. He came home and still I was not ready to go out because I was trying to post my task before we leave, it turned out not good. I was frustrated and was crying so bad for no reason. Hmm... So, I told my husband that just go and bring your kids with you so that you can eat dinner, but my husband will not go by himself without me. He ordered some Chinese food and pick it up after 20 minutes. He came back with the kids from the restaurant where he ordered but still I have a hard time doing my video thing. Then my husband try to help me out with the video that I was not able to download. Thanks to my hubby. He is my rescuer when I need help and always there for to support me.

1 comment:

ahlost said...

Your hubby is such a lovely guy :)