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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wimbledon a Mouse-Click Away!

I am one of the tennis fan, I love tennis. I tried to played for how many times, but still I don't know how to play. By just watching it on my television, makes me feel that I am the one who is playing especially if my player won the game. I'm satisfied! But then, my satisfaction is not over yet because there is a Wimbledon championship coming and I cannot go to watch it in real, it so I will just sit back and relax in front of my computer with pop corn while watching the game. I can watch eight matches at once. The Wimbledon LIVE is provided by MediaZone for more information just log in to their website. I don't wanna miss this game especially I like watching Ms. Venus Williams playing. MediaZone offers an online video service that gives fans a way to watch live and on demand matches including up to nine (8) current courts. It's pretty cool because you pick which of the matches you want to watch and go back and forth between multiple courts. Purchase the all access-pass for only $24.99. You can even watch last years matches. So what are you waiting for, it will not cost a lot from your pocket, guaranteed you will enjoy every player's swing their racket. No need to watch it live because MediaZone is bringing you the intensity of Wimbledon LIVE.

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Claire, RMT, MT said...

I am a tennis fan, too. My all-time favorite was the great Steffi Graf. Right now, I'm rooting for Ana Ivanovic and Rafael Nadal. Hope they win their first Wimbledon titles. Can I really watch tennis matches as you said in your blog entry? Yipee! Joy, this is Chloe( but, I cannot leave a comment here unless I use a blogger account. So, I used my old Blog and yes, Chloe and Claire are one and the same person:)

Joy said...

hahahahaa... yes it is really true that you can watch it through your computer.. It's nice to know that you love tennis too we have the same hobby huh!