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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I Got You Johnathan

Today is really a beautiful day, not really warmth outside so I let my kids play outside while mama is busy doing her tasks hehehe. They were riding their bikes and the small brother was the driver and the big brother ride on his back. The younger brother was screaming and crying because he was scared that they will fall over and I heard the big brother said to his younger brother "I got you Johnathan, I got you". I stopped typing from my computer and I went to the patio and I gave both of them a big hug. I told my eldest son "Good Job" you are such a good brother. My oldest son is only 32 month old and the younger one is 19 month old. I am so blessed with my kids and I don't have any regret of choosing being a stay at home mom, of course with the help of Our Almighty Father, without Him, I cannot do it by myself, raising my children in His way.

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Jean Marie said... touching!