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Thursday, June 5, 2008

She's like my sister!

I love making post about this TV series that is already aired at USA Network, I watched the thriller of this series and it is really cool and nice, it's a breathtaking series. For those of you, who are not fully satisfied from the first episode, you can watch the full episode at their website. And even by reading the character's profile and their bio, it will give you the eagerness of watching it more and more.

I was reading all the character's profile but I like the character of Jinx Shannon (Mary's Mother), I can relate to her situation because when I was in the Philippines, I have a cousin living with me and I cannot kicked her out from my place because I love her and she is like a sister to me. But instead of looking for a job to help me out with the expenses, she is not doing it, she ignored what I've said, it's like she don't care at all. Every time I'm in the office working hard, she usually invited her boyfriend to come over to our house and spend time with each other. But besides of the fact that she is not helping me out, she is always a nice lady, caring and a shoulder to lean on. She respect my decision and what every I said to her, she will not dis-agree with me. That's why I let her stayed for almost 6 years without a job. Now She is happily married with 2 kids.

Once again, I'm inviting you to visit USA Network's new original series In Plain Sight for more action, suspense, drama TV series that will let your nerves kick! You will love this show, it's really a great show that you don't wanna miss. USA- Every Characters welcome!

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