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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Veggie Tale Movies

I'm bob the tomato, I am Larry the cucumber! Do you know who they are? Well, for some of you that don't know them. They are the two characters of veggie tales that my children love to watch. My kids love to watch movies especially if it's veggie tale movies, I am really surprised at their very young age, they understand what the characters of the movie is trying to explain. And some of them they applied it to each other, like "take turns" my eldest son told his brother every time that the younger one ask for something that he (Older) is playing with He will tell his younger brother "Take turn Johnathan". And also "saying I love you to each other", I am really blessed to have a kids like them, although sometimes giving me headaches but it's nothing compare the Joy the they brought into our lives. I am really, really proud of them.

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