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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Hometown Hiding

Being a stand witness of a big crime is not easy, we all know that not only ourself putting in a very dangerous situation but also our love ones live are at stake, and be prepared of what life would become after witnessing a crime, but one thing also, although it's too risky being a witness but think of the positive way, that you are not just telling the truth of what you've seen but being a good example to everybody. If ever I am going to stand to witness a crime, and under the witness protection program, and have a chance to chose where I can hide myself and what city? I will chose Arkansas. Why? Arkansas is far from any major cities and it's a quiet place to hide. I am sure, I'm safe there , not too much people, it's not too crowded so your mind is at peace. And also, there is a lot of things I will enjoy while staying there, going to the lake, hunting and many more. I have nothing to worry about when it comes to look for a temporary job because there is a lot of establishments that I can work with.

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