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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Good Night All

Wow, I didn't realized how much time I spent on the computer tonight since my husband came home from work. As you knew that I had a bad day today plus loosing some opportunity, but when I tried to view again the opportunity that I lost, it says "waiting for opportunity" ahhhhh... what a big relieved, at least I know that I have still a big chance to grab it one day. I was so happy, my heart was pumping so fast and I told my friend next time, if it will say "take Opportunity" I will really take it and reserve it, anyway I have still 12 hours to make it. At least tonight I can sleep tight hehehee... It's really getting late now so see you all tomorrow and Always remember Jesus Loves you so do I.

I refuse to call them trials any longer. Instead, they are trials turned inside out, transformed into triumphs! and I Praise Jesus for that, in spite of what happened this morning but still I didn't forget, I'm just a human that needs His support. I love you Lord with all my Heart.

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