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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Today is better day than yesterday

Hello everyone out there. I am here again updating what is going on to my daily life. Today is better day than yesterday should I say, why? because after of what happened yesterday about the opportunity from SocialSpark that i wasn't able to grab right away, I get it back today and in fact I already submitted some of them. Praise God, it's kind a relieve to me now! And also, my kids today is behaving good, they are just in me living area, sitting on the couch where I can see them, watching Sesame's Street! So it's like my day today is going to be smooth. How I wish everyday is always like this but of course it wont be the same as everyday, our live will be boring isn't it? There is no challenge at all. That's it for now, happy blogging to all of you.

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