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Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Calling overseas is very expensive it cost a lot of money and there is the best offer ever from phone cards, you can save up to 80% or more compare to other telecommunication company, just one click away. This is really a great deal! When my husband was in Japan, we always make sure that we make a call every now and then, it costs us a lot. He was in Japan and I was in the Philippines that time and the obstacle of talking a lot via phone is the expenses, we found out later that it was too much... He received his phone bill and found out that for one hour call is more than $65... it is expensive. It drove him crazy that his one month bill for overseas call was more than $600.00.. Yes it was! But that is the only way that we can communicate each other and communication is very important to us especially we just got married at that time. Then his friend suggested him to use calling card to minimize the expense and it helped. Using phone cards is less expensive and very convenient way to stay connected to your love ones where ever they are. The only problem is finding the right calling card.

But now I am glad that there is a website that you can find a cheap phone card called "Phonecard Avenue" that offers tremendous discount and excellent deals on calling card. You can use their phone cards to call places such as: Philippines, India, Nigeria, Vietnam, Kenya, Mexico, Jamaica, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Ghana and Untied Kingdom, Indonesia, Malaysia, I only name a few but actually all over the world. And also, they have a impressive selection of customized cards like Filipino Calling Card, Around the World Calling card, African Dream Calling card and many, many more. One of the best offer of their cards is the very low cost: checkout these incredible prices!

Philippine - Manila 4.9 cents/minute
India 2.5 cents/minute
Indonesia 1.5 cents/minute
United Kingdom 0.4 cents/minute
Mexico 0.8 cents/minute

It is very hard to find a carrier of calling cards with such a great deal or offer. And take note that the quality of sound is very clear compare to other phone card company. At Phonecard Avenue, you can get an excellent voice quality every time you will use it. Over all ranking, you can get an excellent product, quality of sound and incredible price as low as you can imagine. Great offer, Great deal!

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