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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Gas Price Goes Up!

I know that everybody is aware of today's gas prices, it drives the consumer crazy especially if your income is below the poverty level, it really affects our daily lives. For me it's Ok if the gas price goes up he.he.he, because I do not know how to drive he.he.he (just kidding). But I always hear my husband complaining about the price, every time he fills the tank it reaches twenty five gallons (25) for our Van, and it cost us a lot, it is too painful to pay almost eighty dollars ($80) out of our pocket for every two weeks just for gas. Gas prices drive us insane, doesn't it? That's why I suggested to my husband to ride his bicycle like every other day so that we can save gas, but he disagree with my suggestion, but I completely understand to my husband that he will not able to ride his bicycle all the time because of his work. Hopefully, sooner our government can do something to bring the price down even 50 cents per gallon, it would be better than today's price. I am sure everybody agrees my opinion. If the price of the gas goes up almost everything goes up too and it really affects our economy.

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