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Monday, May 5, 2008

Size Doesn't Matter

Hello all! I have attached this family photo of mine.... taken after church. Well, this is our first family picture together since we transfered from Chula Vista to Oceanside. This is not really a great picture but should I say I love it (love my own) huh! I hate taking picture of myself because I'm so healthy, and got jealous to my friends that are tiny, slim, and can wear all kinds of stylish clothes, without sticking their belly out, so I set a goal for myself to lose weight before getting pregnant again early next year, before my weight is 196 pounds and 5'3 inches tall, so I am over weight for my height. What I did is tried to control my eating habit and cutting back the portion of rice and pasta with white sauce, just eating a healthy foods and lots, lots of vegetables and fresh fruits. I am showing this picture because I am so proud of myself that I made it and lose a lot of pounds YES I did! Currently I am 145 pounds. Thank you so much to my hubby who is supporting me and encouraging me. Your word is powerful " If other people can do, I am sure you can do it too" just need to have a discipline in yourself, this word is always playing again and again in my mind...

1 comment:

E-Tavasi said...

wow nice family photo :) and congrats to you :D you reach your goal