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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Coming out of your Shell

Oyster is one of my favorite seafoods, it is very tasty and delicious, but you have to be aware that eating raw or undercooked Oysters, may cause serious illness. The most common cause of this illness results from a strain of bacteria called "Vibrio vulnificus". If not treated Vibrio vulnificus bacteria can destroy parts of our organs if we suffer from illnesses like diabetes, liver disease or even immune system deficiencies, we should take extra care in eating raw Oyster.

This website Gulf oysters gives us more information on who is at risk for this bacteria when eating raw or undercooked oysters, be informed, be cautious, be smart and
be sure. For more details and information about oysters, please visit their website at

It was really hard to talked about and I kept it into myself, this is the first time I talked about it.

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