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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Wondering Around

Hi, here I am again, its already late at night but sitting in front of the computer hoping that I can get lucky from PPP and I did! I stayed up very late because I am waiting for my sister from Philippines to text me back. Today May 3, 2008 (Philippine time) is the day that our mama will be brought to her eternal rest, thats why I stayed up very late. I was so mad when I found out that her real daughter will not come home for the funeral for some stupid reason, because she told her younger sister that she is coming home on May 6, 2008 just to attend the wedding of her cousin. She has (daughter) enough time to go home at least she will able to bid farewell for the last time to her mother because it is the last time she will able to see her, but I guessed I am just wasting my money calling her, or she is avoiding the expenses. Well, that's ok, it's not my loss. I think I love my mama (Step Mother) more than her, that's why I didn't go to bed because I want to know how everything is going there back home.

To my mama, I know that you are already in heaven with our Lord Jesus Christ one day I will see you soon.

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