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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Love is in the Air

That's right, Love is in the air! February is much known for "Love Month". Few days more to go and the most awaited romance day are here. I'm sure, the chocolate factory and flowers shop are the busiest store at this occasion. Not to mention, the hotels and parks as well. I could still remember when I was single every valentine's day I dated with my friends. We will go to the restaurant and all we have to do is sit there and watched all those couples that are having a very romantic dinner. I don't know why we did it but I admit we enjoyed watching those couples have a dated with the love of their life.

On Saturday its valentine's day already but I don't have a date. The love of my life is not here so I will just stay at home with the kids and maybe I will just invite my in-laws to come over for a dinner. My husband and I usually celebrate valentine's day with our kids. That's is what we called family date. I am very confident to go out with my kids rather than leaving them with relatives. They are still very young minds and it happened before when my husband and I had a date then his aunt called us after 45 minutes because the kids were crying so badly. Good we just finished our dinner so we decided to come home and get the kids and we went to the mall, huh! That was our valentines date, lol!

Guys, enjoy your day and for me everyday is Valentine's day because I am so in love and thankful to have a wonderful man in my life.

1 comment:

BOGCESS said...

Valentines day is near! Yeah!

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