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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Chicken Noodles for Dinner

I was surprised this afternoon while I was chatting with my friend, my eldest son approached me and said "What is for dinner, mama?" I thought he is just kidding then he was talking to me that he is getting hungry. So, I told my friend that I will leave her for a couple of minutes have to prepare dinner for my boys. I asked my son "what he wants for dinner and he said I want chicken with noodles" this is a filipino dish that my kids like them. Luckily, when my husband came here he brought some noodles and other some filipino foods that we usually cook when we are still in California. After 30 minutes, I fed my boys and they just love the chicken noodles. I am so happy to watch them eating and they are enjoying their food. They are truly a filipino because they like to eat Filipino dish just like their daddy.

Oh, ok guys I will signing out for a moment need to give them a bath first before going to bed.

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