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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Very Cold HERE!

Hi peeps! How are you all today? Hope everything is doing well. I know some of us are not used to the cold weather like me, huh! I am always feel cold even we have heater on but still it's very cold here! The most important thing that keeps me warm is hot tea... hmmm... yummy! We are always make it sure that we have tea all the time. I love to stay longer in front of the computer but my hands are freezing, I know sounds silly but it's true! So I don't stay in front of the computer lately because it's very cold even I have sweaters on or I am wrapped up but still..... Ha! Sorry folks, I came from the tropical country that we don't have winter hehehee... only rain and summer, huh! I've been out in the country for more than 8 years but still I'm not use to the cold weather.

Have a good day to all and always remember to drive safely and keep warm!

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