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Monday, December 15, 2008

Home Theater

You know, my husband and I used to enjoy going to the movies and seeing the newest releases. But ever since my two son's came along it became a little difficult to watch a movie while you were trying to keep them quite or chase them around the theater. That is why we switched to the home theater way for all our movie favorites. Even though we get to watch movies now, we still do not watch the "R" movies just because we don't want out boys exposed to that kind of stuff. We will even find a quality movie fit for the whole family to the boys can watch as well. Spending family time together is important, the boys like the popcorn and sitting in between mom and dad on the couch, so we plan on doing a lot of this as they grow older. I have always been a fan of the family friendly movies that have a good message about life and the trials that we will encounter. On of the new movies coming out this year is a film titled "All Roads Lead Home". The story is about a young girl who loses her mother to an auto accident and her father who is trying his best to cope with the loss of his wife and raising a daughter. Watching the trailers I will make this movie one of our must see movies after it comes out, it has some great lessons about life and how to get through the tough times. Why don't you check out All Roads Lead Home The Movie for a great movie night.


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