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Monday, December 29, 2008

Sad Monday

Just now, I was crying so bad because my husband is going back to California and we will not see him for more than 6 months or maybe more than that. I told him, I will be OK but actually I'm not! We both cried, he is very emotional also, if only I could say "Please don't go" I will do that but being in the military he needs to obey first, I thought it would be easy being away from him but it's not! I know that one day we will be together again. I told him that it's hard being separated and kids growing without their daddy. Our separation is not forever so I always encourage myself that I will see him again in a couple of months after his deployment.

My in-laws came by here after they left to dropped of the van and to make it sure that I am alright. We all know that this is only a temporary sad feelings for us because in a few days I'm sure we will get use to it. My in-laws said, they will bring some dinner tonight and have some dinner together which I do really appreciate them so much. They love me like their own daughter and it makes difference and I am glad and blessed to have them.

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