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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Giving and Getting

I just love Christmas!!! Lots and lots of food, fun, decorating and PRESENTS!! In know that Christmas is all about the giving aspect and making sure that others are taken care of during the season, but lets be honest, a small part of us still likes to get gifts from the rest of the family. As we get older we tend to get a little more elaborate with out gifts though and sometimes we even get something for someone knowing down right that everyone in the family will get to use it and have fun with it. Maybe you are not getting it just for one person but the whole family. That is when Sears comes into the equation, they have great items that can be used by the whole family and the sales they are having right now are incredible. Do you need a new TV, how about getting a Sylvania 20” class LCD HDTV for just $199.99 or maybe a Fullerto 7-ft pool table that comes with a table tennis conversion top for only $279.99. Sears has always been one of my favorite places to shop because they are so family friendly. They have a great tool section so I can get my husband something and their children's clothes are made by top brand names and are reasonably priced. Sears even has a layaway program so you can get the items you want and pay for them later. You have to hurry though, their sale started on the 7th and ends on the 13th of December. Get your Christmas shopping done now with Sears.


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