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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Digital Photo Frame for Christmas!

I spent most of the day in front of the computer just looking for a special gift for myself. I posted a blog about a week ago on my other site that if my husband will give something special to me, just to let me tell him what I want for Christmas because I don't like surprises. I finally found what I wanted so I told him to get me a digital photo frame for Christmas. This is the perfect gift for me especially since my husband is getting ready to be deployed early next month. Then, my husband was asking me a couple of days ago if I really knew what I wanted for Christmas or did I still want the digital photo frame. So I told him that I still wanted to photo frame! I even gave him the website that he need to go to get the one I wanted. It is a fun website and if you got a wish, you could win some cash. Anyway, this cool digital photo frame is not any ordinary frame. It is made by Ceiva and it is designed to receive and display photos sent to it from any where in the world, you can even upload photos to it from your cell phone, pretty fancy huh. Unlike any of the other digital frames that require you to upload the picture via a USB port, this one is completely wireless so friends and family from all over can put pictures on it in the blink of an eye. As I mentioned earlier, the site is called Sit on Santa's Lap and they have a cute video to watch. The story is if you upload a picture of your self, like the one I have posted here, you get to tell Santa what you want for Christmas. I would bet CEIVA Digital Photo Frame will give you the best digital photo frame ever! Based of the uniqueness of the picture you sent and you time with Santa you will be entered to win $500! But it is not just once, they hold drawings every day until Christmas. Why not give it a shot and spend some time with Santa, eh!

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