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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Rebuilding of America

If you are one of the many millions of people that have noticed the economy is not doing so hot, you are not far from the truth. We unfortunately are in a state of flux and businesses across the nation are suffering. It is a snowball effect, when the businesses do not succeed, then people lose jobs and they start having problems, houses fall into foreclosure and so on! Many people are astonished at what is happening and are also worried that it might affect them. Now is the time to act though! Did you know that you can help try and fix the problem? All you have to do is contact and join the team to bring America back up from the hole. The theory is simple, all you do is invest $20.00 into a Certificate of Deposit that is secure and insured by the FDIC. These COD's are then used to help finish, rehabilitate or modernize income producing properties that are in financial distress. The result is a profit on your investment and in the long run, jobs are maintained, the economy stabilizes and we are stronger for it. How does Rebuilding of America operate though? Well, they take the earned interest on the COD's and put it towards their operating capital. After 5 years you get your 20 spot back! There is no other investment in the world that even comes close. Can you imagine if millions of people just took twenty dollars out of their pocket and put it towards the rebuilding of America! You may not make a profit but you don't lose anything either! Don't just sit back and watch the economy tank, take this opportunity to help get America back on it's feet. I think this is great and I plan to do my part by donating $20. If there are any hesitations about just check out this letter from their CEO of Jim Jameson.


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