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Saturday, November 29, 2008

My First Experience Driving at Night Time

Just tonight around 7:25PM Arkansas time, after we had our supper, my father in law was looking for something different for dessert. He asked me if I want apple fritters for dessert and even I'm on my diet but who am I to say to the dessert, bad! Well, not always we have this kind of dessert so we go for it. My father in-law said, Ok, lets go to the neighborhood store and you will be the one to drive. My reaction was, ahhhh are you sure dad, I'm the one will drive? And he said "Yes" we will test your capability to drive at night. So we head to the store and I was kind of hesitant to drive because that was my first time driving at night time and I was scared maybe there is a deer will run accross the street plus I forgot my eyeglasses. Oh gosh, I cannot believe We made it home safe and sound.

Anyho, I am enjoying my driving lesson and had a great time with my husband when he was the one taught me how to do the parallel park and did some emergency braking. I am sure, I'm ready to take my first driving test this week, lol! Good luck to me...

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