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Friday, September 12, 2008

He's Home Just Tonight!

I was talking to my husband earlier and he told me that they moved out already from the mountain where they held their training for one week, they transfer close to their office now but still inside the Camp Pendleton. I asked him if there is a possible that he can come home just for awhile, he told me he is not sure yet if they will let them go, so I was kind of sad. He said they are so busy fixing things, he told me that he will give us a call before we will go to bed. Around 9:00PM he called us back and he told me that he has a surprise for me, I told him, what kind of surprise because I don;t believe in surprises anymore. He said "I'll be there for 10 minutes! I said, ah OK! Then I said what did you say again? You are coming? He said Yes! I'm parking the car already so I told my kids that daddy is coming home. My eldest son opened the door and he didn't see his daddy. They went outside our house and my youngest son see his daddy walking at the pathway. I was watching my kids jumping into joy when the see their daddy.

I can't believe he is home, but on the other I was glad to see him too! I know he needs to go back at the training camp tomorrow morning but at least we got to see him just for tonight.

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