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Friday, September 12, 2008

Don't Go Bald


I thought it was kind of funny when I saw this web site about hair restoration because I remembered my husband. I am always giving him a hard time because he is losing his hair! I thought that you were only supposed to lose your hair when you got old, but for my husband it has started early. I guess it runs in his family because his father has really thin hair. I keep asking him why he does not get some sort of treatment for it. I suppose it is because there is really nothing out there that fits into his budget. Hair transplants are an option but can be very expensive, that is until I found this site for Medical Hair Restoration . After I read up on what they do, I think this would be perfect for my husband. All I have to do is convince him to sign up and get the free Educational DVD and have him do the no obligation Hair/scalp analysis. This clinic has a tremendous reputation, and Dr. Matt Leavitt has been doing it since 1992. As a board certified Dermatologist, he has treated tens of thousands of people just like my husband. Whats great about the whole process is that it is your hair that is grown back. I only hope that he will do it. It's not that I do not love him, I just think he would look much better with a full head of hair.

I would encourage you to visit their website and sign-up to receive the free educational dvd package and free personalized hair/scalp analysis to get the full picture of their current hair loss! There's nothing to loss!


1 comment:

Mike Foster said...

Thanks for the good info on balding. Watch this: I Miss My Hair

And you will see that I need it!