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Monday, September 1, 2008

Early Birthday Present

This afternoon, my family and I went to an electronics store to look at laptops for myself when I go home. I have chosen one but my husband told me that I have to wait until November. So I decided to look around the store and guess what I got??? hmmm.. My husband knows what I want. So he bought it for my birthday since he is not going to be around on my birthday. It's an early birthday present. Actually, I don't like surprise presents from my husband anyway, I told him if he will give me a gift, I want that I will be the one to choose. I am enjoying my new digital camera that my husband bought for me.

To my husband: Thank you so much for the early birthday present. I know you like to surprise me but you know me. I want that I will be the one to choose, especially if it's expensive. So that I will not complain. Hehehehehe!


Lovely_ph said...

oh so sweet... ;)

Rocks said...

oh wow! congrats on the new cam :) nice!and advance happy birthday greetings na rin!

Imelda said...

wow how sweet of ur hubby, sis.nice digicam. enjoy photography.

btw, dropped ec here.

Jean Chia aka Ms.Yummy~licious said...

that's so thoughtful of yr hubby!

i am the opposite of you! i love surprises! That's why my darlign hv a had time buying presents for me. Usually he gets me what i wanted. So woohoo!! no complaining from me! hehe

Darlyn said...

wow congrats for the new digicam... now you can take picture with different angles, hope you enjoy in your birthday. More blessings to come both material and spiritual blessing....

darlyn of