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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sore Hands!!

Since this morning, I am in front of the computer most of the time. I was doing hopping and dropping Entercard so it's kind of sore. I have to dropped at least 600 EC for my both sites, so what do you think? Well, I'm sure you have the same problem as I do. hmmm aminin... My husband told me if I will not rest for awhile I will suffer from Carpal Tunnel hahaha.. I'm sure he is only joking. Yeah, I would admit that sometimes my fingers are tingling, my back is aching and my arm is really painful.

Meanwhile, I cannot concentrate to do my tasks whether it is paid post or non-paid post, simply because I am watching TFC hahahaha.. But anyway, I am still thankful that I have a tasks today to do and it's really a big help to my savings... Hmm.. I have to send money to help out my niece but it's OK, I'm blessed enough so I will share my blessing to them.

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