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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Need Tuition Fees!

I received a text messages today afternoon from my sister in the Philippines. I was surprised because her text messages dated 12th August 2008 and just this afternoon I got to read it. I was not expecting that they will send a text message because I just sent last month. She told me that today is the pre-final examination of my nursing student and she didn't pay her tuition yet. So I hurriedly dialed her number and called her, I forgot that the timing is different. I asked her what time is it there and she said it's 2:30Am. Oh, I woke her up! So while I was talking to her on the phone, I am also to sending the money through online system. I give to her the control number she was surprise hahaha. Now, she text me back that she picked up the money already...

Thank you to all my sponsors who give a lot of tasks, without you guys, I cannot send P25,353.55 Pesos to my family back home!

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