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Sunday, August 24, 2008

I see you!!

It has long been know that the military gets all the cool toys and equipment. Because of the job that they do, they need personnel who are in top form and physically able to accomplish the task. But, we all know that age tends to take certain things away from you. Your eye sight is one of those, unfortunately it doesn't wait for you the get old before it starts deteriorating. Most people typically experience changes to their eyesight in their youth with is stabilizing in their early twenties. Hence the military aspect, since most of the men and women in our services are young adults. Ever since the first LASIK technology was released and approved for the public, the technology has become better and even more accurate. The old method of LASIK was to use a knife and then a laser, now the new systems are using 2 lasers for the procedure increasing the success rate and lowering the chances of a bad outcome. If you are thinking of having the surgery for your eyes, you need to check out LASIK information and find out if you qualify. Be rid of the corrective lenses you wear and feel better about yourself. If it is good enough for our military and NASA, it is good enough for you.

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