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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Your Baby is Brilliant!

As a mother of two smart little boys, I always wanted that my kids will learn to read and write at their early age. This is at the top of my priority list for my kids. But my husband told me that it's not good to force them to learn at this age. I don't know, every time I see toddlers who know how to sing and read, I get jealous, this is one of my frustration. I watched Felicity's video and I would really admit that she is a smart baby. She managed to read the words that she has memorized, but she does not know what the letters stand for yet. However, she knows the words' meanings. At her early age, she knows the meaning of the words that she read. I am so impressed. Her parents have since begun teaching her phonics something BrillBaby recommends in addition to whole word reading instruction. Now, at two and a half years of age, Felicity enjoys reading independently or with just a little help from her parents! She enjoys reading without forcing her, she reads like a baby genius.

So parents out there, I personally encourage you to watch this amazing video of Felicity. It's not too late to teach your baby, toddlers and young children at early age. Your child has the capacity to think, live and act like a genius if you encourage creativity, originality and a willingness to experiment and try new things. Visit brillbaby website for more information.

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1 comment:

Katelove's said...

wow! this post is so educational, This give me an idea later when i will have an own kid! Thank you so much for posting this one and i will surely visit the site! Because i know that every mother want the best for their kids and want their kids to live independent and smart.