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Friday, July 25, 2008

What's in your Imagination?

Do you like to watch the Television series Sex in the City? Well, I enjoyed it so much, but too bad I wasn't able to watch it on the big screen. Anyway, I have something for you to to watch and keep you entertain, it's very accessible to your computer and funny. If you feel bored and want to unwind and relax, just go to their website and watch the nine episode of Imaginary Bitches. Meet all the sexy ladies and the hottest men. I am sure you will love it. The show has been featured in the NY Post, US Weekly, Entertainment Tonight Canada. TV Guide says, "You're a damn fool if you're not watching Imaginary Bitches is now on the web, so it's very easy and comfortable for you to watch. I'm sure this show will be a successful.

Also, catch the main cast of this show to live video chat with them today Friday 25,2008 at 8:30PM PST time. Visit their website and watch the full episode or catch the latest one. It's not that far, it's only one click away.

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