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Friday, July 25, 2008

Mom: Too Tired

After countless hour I spend on the computer I feel so exhausted and worn out I have to think "why"? I have only been sitting here in a chair moving my fingers, how can I be so tired. Well, I just read this article on line about why moms get tired though out the day. Here are some reasons you might get tired during the day as a mom!

1. You didn't eat lunch- sometimes we get so busy with trying to prepare lunch for the kids and get them fed and put down for a nap that you forget to eat yourself.

2. You did eat lunch but you didn't eat good- lets face it our metabolism is not the same as our kids we can't eat what they eat and expect to have the same energy.

3. Too much caffeine- we think that if we keep downing the soda and the coffee it will keep up going, but in large quantities caffeine can actually tire you out.

4. Taking medicines that make you drowsy- Many moms don't know that a lot of allergy medicines make you sleepy.

5. Night time routines do not match the children- Mom think that they can stay up all day chasing children and then stay up to all hours of the night after they go to bed before they go to bed, doesn't work that way, sometimes you just need to rest the same time the kids are sleeping.

1 comment:

Stitching Mama said...

I feel this way and I see the things I need to change. Aside from the medicine, everything else fits.