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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Spring Rolls (Lompia)


This afternoon I was planning to make a spring rolls (lompia) for my American friend. The suddenly, her daughter called me. I spoke to her daughter earlier and I told her that I'm going to make a lompia for her mom. She was so happy when I mentioned about the lompia because she also like lompia. And she told me about the good news, so I was eager to hear about good news, she put me on thrill but later on she told me that she is pregnant. Yes! She is expecting another baby. Wow! I am so happy for her and her family. I know they wanted to have a big family and go,go,go! She is preggy with her 5th child and she is on her 6 weeks pregnant. I like her so much, she is very nice, smart, kind and very loving person. That's why when I first saw her I told my husband I like her to be my friend. Our kids are love playing each other and her children are so loving and nice to my children also, well-trained. That's why I like to be with them as long as we can.


Anonymous said...

I would love the recipe for Lompia!
I have not had Lompia since I was in San Diego 8 years ago.

Love Your Blog.
You have a beautiful family.

Joy Del Campo Burlinson said...

well, it's very easy and simple.. I can give you the recipe if you want.

Cesario Tarigan said...

Love the food.

Anonymous said...


Gilbert & Cely said...

yummy!!! lumpias are famous... so are mine... I make turkey lumpias. In fact, I have 6 packs ready to take to Hawaii for our two-week vacation.