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Friday, July 11, 2008

Pork Adobo for Dinner!!


My husband came home early today after his 12 miles of hiking with other marines. He was so exhausted and tired. I bet he is! 12 miles of hiking with all this gear that he was carrying, I'm sure he is "dead tired." So I asked him what he wants for dinner and he told me that he wants pork adobo and rice, so I cooked pork adobo. He deserved to have good food after a long day of hiking. I was so flattered because my three gentlemen eating keep on praising my pork adobo. To make pork adobo is simple and easy but I have a secret ingredient that I put on it to taste it more yummy and delicious, I want that my family will keep on asking about it.

What to grab my recipe and my secret, please leave a comment. I would love to share my secret ingredient with you!!


Kwagoo said...

Oh my... I love pork adobo :D

By any chance, what's your secret recipe? I'm curious :)

The Islander said...

kakagutom naman... maaga pa. malayo pa ang lunch.

julie.matteson said...

I would love to have your recipe and the secret ingredient. I will try to make it as good as yours.

Thank you.

Dezz said...

Ohh sarap ng ulam mo.. im hungry!

Malejandria said...

And what exactly is this secret ingredient? Am I missing anything? I bet your'e putting some gayuma on it, hehehehehehe. Joke only! Sis, isn't it a joy just to see your family tucked into something and really enjoy it. God Bless

Miah Laborte said...

wow tsarap naman.... hhhmm... mkagutom hehehehe....

Joy Del Campo Burlinson said...

ok, I will post the recipe in a few days or tomorrow if, I have a opps hehehe..

betchay said...

^^ can't wait for the recipe... that looks absolutely delish!