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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Helping Family

Folks, I just want to share with you my excitement of buying a machine that my family back home can use during rice field season. For my two months income of triple P and SS, I have enough to buy this machine that my family needs. I will call my brother tonight and am happy to bring the good news. Finally, I can afford to buy this machine. Hand tractor is a kind of a machine that is used to cultivate the land before planting anything and it can be converted also to use for a harvest time of rice. I am so PROUD to say that without triple P and SS this could not be possible. Thank you for the opportunities that you gave me and more opps to come. I am looking forward to work with you more and more.


Sweetiepie said...

Wow perti jud kakugihan sa akong amega oi makapalit naman ug tractor oi! lucky for them to have you!!!

Joy Del Campo Burlinson said...

lagi makatabang na jud ko sa akong pamilya... di man gud nako sila pwdeng pasagdan, ok lang kung wala para sa akoa basta sila naay makaon, payts na ko ana. Subra subra na ang blessings sa akoa, kaya i share nako sa ilaha.