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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Deal or No Deal Philippine Version

I was watching Deal or no Deal the Philippine version. The constant was from Zamboanga Sibugay, Philippines. Her goal is to win the two million pesos so that she can buy a farm for her parents back home. She was run-away from their home at the age of 13 and flew to Manila to look for a better future. It was kind of emotional because for more than 10 years, she didn't see her family. Her story is kind of sad, while I was watching the interview of her parents, I didn't noticed I have tears in my eyes and I started crying. I don't know why, when it comes to family I am so emotional. The Deal or No Deal team brought her parents and 2 siblings to the studio to surprise her. Ms. Kris Aquino (host) told the constant to look at all the 26K and asked her if she know one of them, she said only Charmel (one of the 26K), when she decided to choose the #22, Ms. Kris asked her, do you know here? She said NO. Ms. Kris said she is your younger sister, we bring her here from Cebu. She didn't win the 2 million pesos but the reward of seeing her family is more than 2 million. Yes, it was really emotional moment.

Family is always a family no matter what.


Imelda said...

wow such a nice story behind this game of chance.

Blue Ginger said...

i agree! this is an awesome story. im sure maiiyak din ako if i've watched this.

jccleofe said...

I can relate to that contestant.