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Friday, July 25, 2008

Basic Exercise While Blogging

Folks, I know how tiring it is, when you are in front of the computer chatting or hopping most of your time.. Just relax and have a stretch for awhile. Attached here are basic exercises that you can use. Hopefully it will help you. Just do it to relieve your stress. Have a nice weekend everyone. Take care and Enjoy your time with your family. God Bless you all.

Chair Stand
Strengthens muscles in abdomen and thighs. Your goal is to do this exercise without using your hands as you become stronger.
Arm Raise
Need stronger shoulders? An arm raise exercise can help strengthen shoulder muscles.
Plantar Flexion
Learn how to strengthen your ankle and calf muscles. Use ankle weights, if you are ready.
Triceps Extension
Strengthens muscles in back of upper arm. Keep supporting your arm with your hand throughout the exercise.


eunice said...

Very useful post for bloggers ! hehehe! My back is aching now..zzz

eunice said...

The view is breathtaking! :D I have not heard of the place, the world is so big for us to explore! cool pics :D