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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Yo wat up gnomey

I am not really a good internet user but I was watching my brother playing some online games and by watching him makes me more excited than him. So, I called him about this new exciting game and he is excited about the good news because he is addicted to the online game. But let me tell you, not only my brother who is addicted to the game, I'm sure there are tons of addicts out there that sit in front of their computers all day long!! But hey, check this out. There is this new game on the internet titled "Dungeon Runners" that has Gnomes as a part of the game. They follow you around and gather all the gold you missed on your way through the game. As a part of the release for the game, they are holding a contest for all those interested in playing it. The contest is titled "Pimp your Gnome" and has prizes consisting of a $350.00 BestBuy Gift Card, a free copy of the game and best of all a chance at FAME! All you have to do is register at Bling Gnome, submit your photo and then go to to download the game. Get a big chances to win this awesome prize from BestBuy. Have some fun, make it funny and maybe you could be heading to Bestbuy with that gift card to upgrade your system. Good Luck!


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