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Monday, June 2, 2008

Struggling with Diabetes

Diabetes is really common in my both family side, I have an uncle who is a diabetic for more than 10 years now and it is sad to know that he is struggling with his life because of diabetes. I feel sorry for him because he almost sold everything he has, just simply because for his daily medications. The last time he visited me when I went home two years ago now, I really witnessed him when his blood sugar get high, he was shaking so bad and his sweating a lot and take note living with a diabetes is not easy but thanks to - Managing Diabetes because their website has a lot of information to get. This site will really give you the best awareness on how to control your blood sugar. If you are fighting diabetes make it as a habit of getting exercise daily, eating the right foods, and be smart. For the diabetes friendly-recipe click here.

I read this Glycemic Index, I completely understand of what is the right food to take to avoid to have a sugar-boosting food. The converse is also true: The lower the GL of your diet, the more likely you are to keep your weight under control and stay free of chronic disease. When it comes to eating right, controlling weight, and preventing disease, the GL is a heavy hitter. It's a more powerful factor in keeping you healthy than the amount of carbohydrate -- or fat -- you eat.

If you have a love ones, friends that you know that struggling diabetes, please do not hesitate to help them with their problem. You can help t them by telling them about this website called - Managing Diabetes to educate them and give them a tips on how to manage diabetes. This site is very helpful to everybody, a diabetic person or not. Thanks to - Managing Diabetes, now I know what to tell my uncle about his diabetes. We all know that diabetes is controllable and curable as long as we will follow the DO and DONT'S.

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