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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Our Supper

This afternoon, I was trying to think what to cook for dinner, I called my husband at work and asked what he wants for dinner. He told me anything as long I am the one who cook it "kinsa pa kaha lain." And I remember that we went to the Sea food market yesterday close to our house and bought a fish and shrimps. I decided to cook the shrimps with vegetables on it, a Filipino dish called sinigang hipon. I know that my youngest son don't eat seafoods but I was hoping that he will eat this time but hmmm.. not at all. He's just playing with his food and I tried to feed him but he shake his head saying "No." I got a little bit upset because I knew that if I cook food they will eat it and love what ever i cooked for them but not this time not the shrimps. So my husband told me, it's ok honey, we cannot force him to eat what he don't like to eat, we both knew that ever since he is not eating seafoods and I have a big "Sigh." Hopefully when he grow up he will eat seafood because one of this days he will visit my family back home in the Philippines and you know, we are far from Jollibee, where we can buy a hum berger!


Catherine said...

I read some books saying if the kid doesn't like certain food (except they are allergic to it), we can try to cook the food in other interesting, attractive and creative way. Let say you can chop the shrimp into tiny pieces and add in the dish he loves. I hope it can work?

Joy Del Campo Burlinson said...

Yea we did tried it this idea and it wont work! He knows the smell. Thank you for the comment. But I will not stop trying to feed him seafood because it is good for him too.