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Friday, June 27, 2008

Gifted, Loving, and Dedicacted Educator

We all know that being a teacher as well as a principal is really hard not any easy task and if you are not dedicated to your teaching job, you will mislead a lot of students. They said that "Youth is the hope of our nation" and if you are not devoted teacher this youth will not be a good hope for our nation.

Norberto Diaz is both a teacher and a principal and proven to all the parents and students his capability of handling both. He always makes extra effort to reach his students. He is seen here performing the songs he wrote and produced to promote the benefits of staying in school. He is also a music teacher and talented leader and performer. He is a good influence to the students and he have a great talents that he share to his students. He earned his reputation for being a good teacher and a principal who is always dedicated and thinking for the benefits of his students. He was an effective educator and quickly gained the trust of parents and students. At the same time he took a strong interest in the bigger picture and participated in numerous curriculum committees. Norberto Diaz holds a Master’s of Arts Degree in Public School Administration, a Second Master’s of Arts Degree in Music Education as well as six other instructional certifications issued by the New Jersey Department of Education. He is truly a gifted and very dedicated educator. Please visit his website for more information about him.

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