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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Money Matter

I wasn't feeling good today for some reason, I felt bad that I cannot help my sister regarding her financial problem. She texted me for how many days now but I refused to reply. I don't want to hurt her feeling by saying " Sorry I cannot help you with your financial problem right now" so I chose not to open my chikka so that there is no temptation at all. All day long I was thinking about her and how to help her out with regards to money matters, because I have my own financial problem as well especially that I have to make sure that our car will have enough gas to run for my husband's daily work. On other hands, I was sitting on my computer waiting for the opportunity, and Thank God I got 2 from SocialSpark, that makes me happy enough, at least I will not think about my sister for awhile. Hopefully I could send some this 15th but not sure yet, it's really hard to be a financial controller of the family. You will shoulder everything Huh!

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