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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Big Flirt

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Ok, sooooooo we all have had a crush on somebody, and have gone to great lengths to make our selves pretty and all made up in order for that said person to notice you. Everything from hair to makeup and perfume. Out of all of these however, there is one thing that will always catch the eye of the person you admire. You know what it is!!! The "Look".
Half of communication is sent through non-verbal means, the way you look at them, the way you move and the way you hold yourself. I have never really seen my "look" when I am around some one cute, but I tend to be a little shy so I can image that I have a timid look, with glancing eye contact. I do have long black hair that is a big attention getter and I use it to my advantage, I call it my Victory Hair . I enjoy to flirt, the little game you play passing questions and compliments back and forth to each other over a drink or dinner. There is this new game on the internet that VO5 put together that makes flirting even more enjoyable, you can do it without even meeting the person on the other side. Extreme Style by VO5 started this game which you play for points, you can create your own profile and join a chat room where two other people join in. You ask them a series of 5 questions and choose the person who answered it the best, simple huh, check it out. I invite you to visit Ultimate Flirting Championship for more information.

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