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Monday, June 2, 2008

Make Your Mark at Reader's Digest

Do you know that Reader's Digest is a great site to visit? why? simply because you will learn a lot of things that you want to know from traveling tips to fighting with diabetes and many more. - Make Your Mark is interactive platform to connect you and react. And also, another way to express your opinions that matters, and the people behind their amazing stories. I am sure we want to make a difference by helping and encouraging others to make a better world.

My favorite people are Mitch Klein, Jim Miller and Kevin Wolfer, why? because they have a big heart for the breast cancer patients and they did their best to come up with a more research and study about breast cancer, I admired them for what they are doing. What an inspiring people and their stories. Now they are starting a tournament for this year "The Kennedy Funding Tournament". Last year they raised half a million dollars from ticket sales and sponsors, which they donated it to the breast care center at Englewood Hospital in memory of Wolfer's friend, as well as Nyack Hospital for the purchase of digital mammography machines. If you would like more information on how to get a tickets or become a sponsor please click here.

I have a sister also who is diagnosed with breast cancer and so far she is responding good with her chemotherapy and in fact, she is almost done with her chemo. I am thankful that she never give up, I salute her for her bravery. What are you waiting for come join in and tell your inspiring stories, simply log in to Reader's Digest Homepage.

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