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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Good Morning ALL

Good morning everybody! How are you today? How's your morning? hopefully it would be better than yesterday ha! I am sure busy of doing some rounds there huh! waiting for the oppss. I got up this morning feeling fresh with a big smile on my face. I told myself this is a brand new day to start with. This is the day that the Lord has made. His grace is new every morning. I went outside my house although its kind a gloomy and cold but just to smell a fresh air. I go to my kitchen and I see in the right corner of my eye our coffee make is on. I smell the fresh coffee that my husband prepared for me before going to work. Hmmm... I'm a coffee lover. Thank you to my hubby...

Have a blessed day ahead of your folks. May the Lord shower you with abundant blessings...


shimumsy said...

have a blessed day to you too. enjoy the day mommy.

Joy said...

you too mommy... hope you have a wonderful day