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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Dockers TV Commercial Contest

Have you heard about the Dockers contest? I am sure you've heard about it and it will be showing on and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Folks, the competition is very tight, I was sitting in front of my computer and I watched all the videos submitted by the all contestants who joined the contest. The video that I liked the most is entitled "Dockers temptation" for me, it was funny because even the cat knows how to choose the right pants for him, for me this guy deserves to win this contest. For sure the judges will find it difficult to choose who is going to win. Who ever wins the contest will be doing a Dockers TV Commercial. If you want to be a commercial model this is your chance to join the Dockers contest and submit your creativity, originality with your own style video using Dockers contest . Who knows, you could be the next star or your video will be the best among those videos that have already been submitted. Get some exposure by joining this competition, who knows, today you are an ordinary person but after joining this contest you will be a superstar. This is a big opportunity for you.

I am sure you have a hidden talent and this is the time that your waiting for, don't be shy, be proud of yourself, have some fun by joining the Dockers TV commercial and get a chance to be seen on, remember this network is famous all over the world, and who knows someone out there is watching your video and it might be interesting on your talent.

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