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Monday, May 12, 2008

Wowowee in Hawaii

Wow! Wow! Wee! I was watching this video from "You Tube" and I've noticed I had a tears in my eyes... he.he.he.. that's simply because I love this show so much! my day is not complete if I couldn't watch this noon time show. The host Mr. Wowowee himself is, very generous and he understand to the poor and needy people. He has a big heart. I am sure that God is always with him in everything he do and blessed him so much. Hopefully, I will see him personally and thank him, because of him, my two little children understand a filipino language (tagalog) in their very young age. my youngest son is only 18 months old and watching him especially (Hep, Hep, Horay). I am so proud that I am a pure filipino.... Mabuhay tayo mga pinoy!

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